Get a Heathy Frame of Mind Course

Get your mind ready to plan for the years ahead and stop worrying about..
"What’s going to happen to me?”

To get a life worth living requires a mindset that free of stress and able to capture possibilities.    

The course is based on my upcoming book, Solo and Smart, due in bookstores 2021.

The course offers video trainings, workbooks, and coaching (optional.) 

Here's what you get: 

Lesson 1

Develop a Possibility Mindset

We tend to focus on the problems when addressing our issues because that’s what we were taught. This module will help you shift to possibility thinking and begin to ask, “What’s possible in this situation?”

Module Highlights:

Are you ready to see opportunities instead of limitations?

  • Make the switch from can’t to can.
  • See failures as a learning opportunity.
  • Cultivate a sense of purpose.


Lesson 2 

Master Stress

Planning is a thought process which requires mental effort and a mental capacity unencumbered by stress. Because stress disrupts planning, if we want to prepare for the future, we need to manage stress. This module teaches you the signs, the situations, and the factors that impact stress. 

Module Highlights:

Learn the causes of stress and ways to manage it.

  • Become aware of your stressors and reactions.
  • Practice proven techniques that reduce stress.
  • Manage stress through mindfulness.


Lesson 3

Embrace Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is not about cutting yourself off from the world. It means being true to yourself, being capable of independent thought, knowing your own likes and dislikes, and being able to pursue them regardless of others' opinions or judgments. 

Module Highlights:

Learn ways to rely on yourself and remain independent—comfortably.

  • Practice proven techniques that increase self-sufficiency. 
  • Learn to evolve beyond your "hindering" habits.
  • Put aside doing the same thing again and again, and open up to new discoveries.

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