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The 3 Key Strategies for Future Planning when Aging Alone


Need an easier way (than a book) to get the guidance, support, and information you need to create a plan for the years ahead?

Sign up for my Plan Future Me Course and build confidence and know-how about creating a life worth living every single day! 

Here's what you get: 

Module 1

Develop a Possibility Mindset

We tend to focus on the problems when first addressing issues because that’s what we were taught. This module will help you shift to possibility thinking and begin to ask, “What’s the possibility in this situation?”

Module Highlights:

Learn to shift from problem-solving to seeing possibilities.

  • Imagine what you want
  • Describe where you are
  • Identify the reasons for change
Module 2

Assess the Current Situation

Look at your life and the issue and assess it from the widest vantage point.

This gives you a chance to anticipate the things that could broadside you in the short and long-term.

Module Highlights:

Gain insights and a better understanding of the main factors to evaluate, what would work better - learn the available choices and to research all the options and trends.

  • Assess the current issue
  • Address the factors driving the need for change 
  • Grasp the interrelationships and benefits -- understand how solving one issue can be the solution for others. 
Module 3

Discover the Possibility Questioning Strategy

Asking the right questions gives you the answers you need to move forward.  Simply put, our dreams are the problems we have to learn to solve. Dreams are called “dreams” for a reason—it is something better than what we have now.  And to achieve what’s better, we have to start finding new solutions; we have to learn new ways to think.

Module Highlights:

It's a treasure hunt, seeking core questions—usually three to five—that, if answered, would make the most difference to the future of the issue or situation being explored.

  • Characteristics of core questioning.
  • Discover questions that spark creativity.
  • Discover lines of inquiry that lead to new knowledge.
Module 4

Create a Plan for the Future

You ready to put it all together! Let’s do this and create a vision that's worth your energy and worth living every single day.   

Module Highlights:

Putting it all together. 

  • Gather all information using a spreadsheet.
  • Journal your vision.
  • Learn from group members and brainstorm ideas.
  • Get other tools and begin to implement your plan.

The 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you do the work, and commit to the accountability guidelines in the private Facebook group for this course, and you’re not satisfied after 30 days, show me the work and I’ll gladly give you a refund.

As long as you have agreed to the Terms linked here:  Terms and Conditions

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Plan Future Me Course - $127 Value

  • Bonus 1 - Private and Secure, Members-Only Plan Future Me Community (not on Facebook) at no charge for 6 months -- that's right, It's FREE for 6 months!  The membership site will launch July 30, 2019. It will encourage Collaboration, Community, Support, and Accountability with other members - $174 Value
  • Bonus 2 - Weekly Live Q&A sessions with leading experts in the field of aging and more, Q&As, Course direction, + Clarity. Will launch July 30, 2019.  $2600 Value 
  • Bonus 3The Create Your Future Workbook, 30+ pages, loaded with trends, resources, and more! $27 Value

Total Value: $2,928.00

But when you enroll today or before June 30, 2019,

You get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of

$44 each month



Pay Upfront

1 Payment of



Special Offer -- Introducing our membership community!

You are not alone! Join the program and be part of a growing community of members like you who are committed to their future.

Gain advice from from leading experts in the senior care industries who have the knowledge and know-how on helping you create the best plan for your care needs, and your specific situation. Will launch July 30, 2019.









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