Uncomfortable Conversations Made Easy


In this week's Facebook Live, Laurie Miller with Apple Care and Companion and advocate of The Conversation Project, encourages us to talk with loved ones and friends about our end of life wishes. 

The Conversation Project and the Conversation Ready NTX is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes. And it's more than just death and dying. It's really about how we want to live the last few years, months, or even days on earth.

To me, that's precious. I remember my Mother's and my Father's last few months. My Mother was luckier than my Father. She was able to stay home and be around family and friends. 

My Father, not so lucky. He had Alzheimer's disease and was required to live in a nursing home facility for several years. That made him and the family very sad. 

What about you? Do you think about it? Do you want to? 

Laurie offers a great guide to get you started with having these significant conversations. 

Check out the Conversation Starter Kit -- The Kit doesn't answer every question, but it will help you get your thoughts together, and then have the conversation with your loved one.

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