The NEW Basics of Aging in Place Kit

What are your hopes as you grow older? Do you plan to age in place in your current home and community? Is your home set up and will it support you as you adapt to the changes and stages of aging? 

The goal of aging in place is avoiding the move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. It could be that you stay in your existing house or maybe you move from a multilevel home to a one-level house or an apartment. 

Today, there are many trends in aging in community. One such popular trend is tiny house villages (small houses built in a community-like setting and shared with likeminded individuals.)  A friend recently moved to Lake Chapala and into a tiny home village with other people who share similar values. Her tiny house is just over 400 sq. feet. 

But I’ve heard of others moving into micro-unit housing, studio apartments in buildings with common living rooms and kitchens. And then there's co-housing developments which offer single family dwellings. Or stay where you are and create a Village to Village Network of support with local friends and neighbors. 

How to Know Best Options

Which option is best, and how do you know which one to choose?

A variety of housing and living arrangements can meet the needs of older persons.  Understanding what the options are and the needs they fill is the first step in making a wise choice. However, it's just as significant to understand your specific needs and health care requirements as it is to know the available housing options. 

You may prefer to stay where you are, in the home you love but doing so may require modifications and changes to make it safer and more comfortable. Some people prefer a group setting, where companionship and planned activities fill the day. Others may prefer to hire in­-home support services may be easier to obtain.

And even before you start planning a move, do you know what to look for and know whether your house or another one will meet your needs? 

What to Look For

Functionality: Can you navigate the home safely?  If you’re frail to climb stairs anymore and don’t have a full bathroom on the bottom floor, you will need to change where you live.  Even if you're not frail, at this time, a two story home, down the road, will be hazardous. It's one of the reasons I sold my two-story home and downsized to something more manageable. 

Location: Is the home in a community you love with access to friends and people you enjoy spending time with?

Safety: Will you be able to get help in an emergency?  Many seniors overestimate the ability to stay safe. But if you live alone, you will want to minimize the risk for having a medical event or a fall.  

Services: Are there nearby services you’ll want or need, such as medical care, shopping and entertainment?

Affordability: Can you afford to live in a private home and pay for your other regular expenses?

Other considerations:

  • Easy access to transportation
  • Avoiding loneliness and isolation
  • Scheduling entertainment and fun activities
  • Accessible personal care and other help like yard work and house maintenance

Where do you start?

Avoid making costly mistakes by playing a guessing game. Get my newly released kit: The Basics of Aging in Place - A Complete Guide to Resources and Common Needs ($5.99)

What you get when buy the downloadable kit ($5.99) you get 29 pages of how-to's. 

Chapter 1. What is aging in place

Chapter 2. Tips and ideas on home modifications

Chapter 3. Ways to pay for it

Chapter 4. Home care

Chapter 5. The available options

Chapter 6. Ways to pay for home care

Chapter 7. How to know if you need care at home

Chapter 8. Food and all your options

Chapter 9. Find transportation - the different options for getting around

Chapter 10. Power of Technology - and how you can use it to make your home safer  

 All for YOU at a low cost of $5.99!!!

The Basics of Aging in Place at a low price of $5.99 will arm you with resources, ways to afford modifications, how to find care, get food, access rides to get around, and the technologies to use to keep you in your home longer. 

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