Solo and Smart Upcoming Book and YouTube Channel

Very happy to announce my book deal with a publishing company!  Solo and Smart coming to Amazon and bookstores near you in 2021! WooHoo! 

The book, Solo and Smart, starts out with my family's personal encounters and experiences we had while helping our parents.  Watching our parents' decline was very disheartening and life changing.  

It was during that time that I got a huge wake-up call.  Who, I wondered, would help to care for me when I grew older? The struggles my parents confronted were warning signs of what I could expect in the future.  That care could someday be needed for me—only I would not have family back-up.  That shocked me into reality.

After they died, I took action to avoid the holy hell I’d imagined would be my own fate. In Solo and Smart, I reveal my step-by-step strategy for creating a more golden future, inspiring readers to take action to plan for their health, wealth, and more—and giving them hope.   

Even those who have children cannot count on help. The number of older adults who live within 10 miles of a relative fell by 12 percent.  It’s common for siblings and children to live far away from one another, and the days of the three-generation household are, for the most part, long gone. Over the next forty years, solo aging is expected to be a major source of stress for close to 25 million of the sixty-five-plus population. 

In Solo and Smart, I teach readers an easy, surefire method to self-discover, self-assess, and self-plan—giving them full control over how they want to live in the years ahead. 

Readers will identify and evaluate their current challenges and then build the skills and confidence to get ahead of any landmines.  Readers not only will learn how to age well but how to live well—by shaping the future they want rather than reacting to it.  

Using the blueprint outlined in the book, I have launched the Solo and Smart YouTube channel.  Subscribers of my YouTube channel can start now and learn proven strategies that guide them to a healthier, safe, and more independent future, if they follow the processes in the book and now, on the Solo and Smart YouTube channel. 

I speak directly to the growing population of “solo agers,” or people aged fifty and up who do or will not have the traditional familial supports most of our ancestors counted on as elders. The number of adults who live alone and far from family is growing. 

So, if you're ready to have more certainty and confidence about aging strong even when living alone, please join me on this inspiring journey...

Subscribe to my YouTube channel

And in 2021, get your personal copy of Solo and Smart!.

Thank you, Carol

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