What Seniors Need When Planning for Aging Alone

Immediately following caregiving for both my parents, it occurred to me,

"Who will do all those things for me?

The question transformed my life from a working person in high tech into a practical futurist.  I didn't transform out of fear and worry about the years ahead, instead I became absorbed by the issues of what older adults encounter.

It started with my parents and after they died, the focus shifted to me.

You see, I am single and have no children to count on for help like my parents. I knew I had better start thinking about my future... I saw how aging affected them.. and if I hoped to grow older safely and more independently on my own, it was up to me.  

It took 7 years of research, brainstorming, and planning to get where I am today. (Thriving and socially connected in a community of like-minded individuals.)

Learning from Futurists at The Institute for Future Thinking and other thought leaders in the field propelled my knowledge.

With that.. and now today, I want to offer you my first online course designed specifically for seniors who live alone. 

Get a Healthy Frame of Mind

There are 3 lessons: 1: Shift mindset, 2. Manage stress, 3. Self-reliance. 

The 3 things needed for planning ahead. Scientists found that planning requires self-control, mental effort, and willpower. But people fail to engage in it because their stress exhausts them leaving them little to effectively plan ahead. In other words, the mental resource has been used up by other demanding tasks. 

And this is why I start with the 3 lessons.  

(Psst, I'm giving special pricing to subscribers!)

“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”
― Yogi Berra

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