Geriatrician Research Uncovers Aging Alone Requirements

Dr. Maria Carney, a geriatric and palliative care physician, whose research inspired the term "elder orphan," will be our first guest expert to join the group and answer questions that you have about aging single (aging alone.) 

The research geriatrician says, “There is potentially no structure to address this population as this group is hidden right before us. Our goal is to highlight that this is a vulnerable population that’s likely to increase, and we need to determine what community, social services, emergency response and educational resources can help them.” 

The study revealed the health outcomes associated with aging single (elder orphan):

  • Loneliness (feelings of isolation)--can link to functional decline (loss of ability to complete activities of daily living, cognitive decline, coronary heart disease, and mortality.
  • Social Isolation--can link to medical complications, poor psycho-social well-being, mental illness, restricted mobility, and poorer functional capabilities. People in social isolation can lack adequate long-term commitment from a healthcare proxy.
  • Low Social Support and Interaction links to low affect and arousal, poor cognitive and social skills.

Don't like hearing the effects?   

Here's your chance to off-set the detrimental effects of aging single. Dr. Carney will take questions from you, the group members. Ask the geriatrician the biggest concern you have about aging alone. 

Use the form below to ask your burning question and it will be answered, plus, your email will be added. 

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