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Uncategorized Jun 13, 2019

Today, on my Live, I dived into into the 3 Key Strategies for a Secure Future. It’s the three strategies I used to help me identify, assess and plan for my top future concerns.

After caregiving for my parents, I experience an 'ah-ha moment,' it's the moment I realized there will likely not be anyone to count on for help since I’m single and child free.

So, I got on the stick and came up with a plan to help me become healthier, to move to a connected and walkable urban area, and to find nearby support and friendships.  

If you’re struggling with knowing how your future will look and how you will deal with the top issues like affordable housing, social connections, and support as you grow older, my upcoming FREE webinar is for you! (FYI, timezone for all webinars is Central Time)

This strategy eliminates the struggle when confused and uncertain about:

  • Where to start
  • How to assess one’s current situation or top concerns
  • How to eliminate the frustration of feeling strapped and limited

I know these 3 strategies will get you moving in the right direction.

What you will learn:

First, to identify and select one top concern you are now struggling with or have deep concerns about.

Secondly, you will describe and list the reasons for the needed change - the reasons that motivate you to want to change. For me, it was health. After giving care to Mom and Dad, I knew if I was unhealthy, I would be in a world of hurt down the road.

Then, you will assess the factors of the issue or concern -- here’s where you’ll go deeper.  If you want to avoid chronic illnesses, like I did, then the factors that affect health conditions are tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, blood pressure, physical inactivity, cholesterol, unhealthy diet, and blood glucose - a few of the ones I addressed when planning for a better health.

Or if you want a larger support system - what's keeping you stuck?  And what are you willing to invest to make this shift?

Above all -- Begin to shift your mindset from problem solving to a possibility focus. 

You can do that by asking questions that open to possibility thinking

Such as,

Why does this issue exist?

Or my favorite:  

What might be an interesting new way to come at this challenge? 

Do you see how working these easy steps will clearly guide you when planning for the future?

If you liked today’s Live, I’m excited to invite you to my upcoming FREE webinar where I will share more about the 3 Key Strategies.

We’ll take what you learned on the Live and dive in even deeper.

Plus, there will be time for a Q&A session.

The FREE webinar is called the 3 Key strategies for a Secure Future. The timezone for all webinars is Central Time. (The tech guys are aware of the missing timezone on the webinar scheduler. Thank you for patience.)


P.S. I know you WON'T want to miss it!!!

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