Find Inspiration During COVID

A woman, I'll call Debra, attended one of the classes that I teach. She asked, "how can I stay socially connected and motivated during this isolation period?  My health is vulnerable and I need to be very careful."

How many of you wonder the same?  It's very hard to stay motivated and engaged in a world you're not allowed to connect with, especially if your health is compromised. 

A lot of us face this hard challenge.  We yearn for personal conversation and activities that use to keep us connected with our community.  

For some, we've taken it to Zoom and online communities.  I've mentioned a few platforms before like Highway 61, Get Set Up, Amava, and others.  

Yet, I can't help but think even Zoom doesn't do the trick.  What about the passion we've lost?  How do we gain that back?  What can we do now to make us feel more inspired and motivated to learn and share our skills and talent?  

I enjoy writing so I can easily do it on my blog or work on my upcoming book.  But for people like Debra, she feels so alone.  However, she shared that she loves to paint greeting cards and currently working on a Christmas card project. (Yes, that sweet image above is a sample of her work. 

Debra is self taught and had bigger paintings too.  The cards are an idea for sending  Christmas cards to each and every cousin in her very large Italian family this year in memory of her younger brother who died in March.

Normally, Debra says that she paints about 20 for the season. This year, she painted cards for her cousins that she has not seen in person in decades. All cards had old family pictures that she printed as her trip down memory lane. Yet, she wonders even today, if some of them were shocked to hear from her. 

The Christmas card project feels to me like Debra has found a bit of inspiration and fun during this shut in.  I love seeing the two card paintings and I hope Debra does more with her talent.  Perhaps teach us to paint our own personal greeting cards?  What do you think? 

Here's another of her card paintings. I hope these inspire you to express a talent or skill. 

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