Do You Have An Aging Plan Poll Results

In the last article, I asked, Boomer, What's Your Elder Care Plan? In the article, readers had the opportunity to take a poll for the purpose of giving me feedback about your desire to create a long-term plan. I want to know how important is it (for you) to have one?

Here's what I learned. Thank you for participating and answering the five questions: 

1. Is having a plan for the future important to you?

2. If you were to create a plan, what would it address?

3. From the Top 5 issues (below), name 2 of YOUR biggest concerns? 

  • Best ways to manage health
  •  Find Affordable housing
  • Build a Team of Local Support for care concerns that included friends and neighbors
  • Save money
  • Keep working

4. If I developed a course that helped you create an easy to follow plan with clear instructions, would you buy it?

5. What would you expect or need from a course like this?

6. What value would you put on creating a plan that gave you certainty and confidence about the future?

7. Do you worry about the future? If so, how?

Those were the questions. Now, for the 115 survey results:

1. Only one No but two, "maybe" 

2 and 3. Most people said health was their biggest concern. And then building a team of support, and then affordable housing. (Those were my top 3 concerns when I created my own plan. I guess great minds think alike!) 

4. 20 said they either got their aging plan under control or no, it's no use to plan because nothing will help. But the remaining said yes, they would either take a course that walks them through a process to plan for the future or consider it strongly depending on the price. 

5. Class participants would want exercises to work outside of course, accountability partners, Live coaching, easy to understand and work, an active engaged community to share ideas (very good idea and very possible to add,)  and guidance.

6. Price suggestions ran from $0 (only one person) to $1 (only one person) and the rest, form $50 (2 people) to $75, $100, and $250. (Enough to satisfy my curiosity.)

7. The heaviest worry was aging alone and being at risk for a dilapidating illness. 

Thank you all for taking the survey! I appreciated it very much. For those who missed it, go here:


Stay tuned... 

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