How to Be a Go-To Authority for Successful Aging


Hi there, I’m Carol Marak, founder of the Elder Orphan Facebook Group, and the go-to authority on aging alone by leading publications like The New York Times, Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, NPR, and more!

I’m an Aging Alone Advocate and Advisor, and creator of the Plan Future Me course offered at Carol 

I was a family caregiver for both my parents. And when they died, it was my turn to think about my own future. Since I have no offspring, nor am I married, or have a partner, I was very concerned, and wondered,

Who would do all the things for me that I did for my parents?” 

I needed a plan to address the issues that most older individuals encounter.  I researched and came up with a usable strategy that worked for me. 

And now, I want to share with your potential residents and clients -- through onsite presentations, webinars, and Facebook LIVES. 

Sponsor my presentations and become: 

  • A resource for living well.
  • Go-to authority for growing older confidently.
  • Source of support and promoter of social interactions.
  • Leader in helping clients live safely and independently!
  • Solution for isolation and loneliness.

I demonstrate to participants how to design for the Best of the Rest of Their Life - and share alternatives to the way they currently think about the years ahead… the strategies will open up new methods to solving issues and getting more of what they want through self-knowledge -- by applying foresight techniques … and then looking for relative clues about their future.  

Social support is critical to successful aging and I promote: 

  • Live in a community
  • Get and stay involved
  • Maintain ties to places of worship
  • Dine with others - out or in
  • Use adaptive technology
  • Stay in touch with neighbors
  • Achieve optimal health 
  • Be fit

Life Planning is also critical

Saving money and investing for the future is one of the top ways to age well. I encourage participants to start conversations about end of life concerns like preparing legal documents, and having a Long-Term Care savings and strategy in place.

Family Caregiving is our Roadmap

Family caregiving is our roadmap for the years ahead and my plan had to address these future challenges.  Through sponsoring my presentation -- YOU can show potential clients and residents that YOU understand their issues and challenges and support them in solving these top concerns. 

Because if your clients and potential residents are like me they have no one else to rely on… 

Help them to take charge of their future

Sponsor me and I will show them how to be more certain and secure in the years ahead. They will learn to focus on what they can control.  I started with my attitude and commitment. Then address each top were issue head on - health, money, social support, and location. 

Be Empowered - Participants will Find Their Sweet Spot

When planning for the future, we must feel empowered, capable, and receive guidance on how to solve a challenge; if it’s finding a medical ride, having more friends and to save money. We need to find our sweet spot -- which lies between what we want and why we want it. 

As Frankl says “Who has a why can bear almost any how,” and it remains true that as long as a person has unfettered access to meaningful engagement, that person can remain resilient in the face of the challenges.

Through using the strategies the ones shown in my presentation I found my sweet spot. My what was an engaging lifestyle. My why was I felt lonely and isolated in relation to where I lived.  The best news, My sweet spot -- turned out to be the gift of unintended consequences, which uncovered and solved several issues:

I’ve made close social connections, I don’t have to drive that much since I walk my errands which increased my fitness and health.

So how does one take charge of their future?

They start by shifting their mindset from problem solving to a possibility focus.

Because seeing problems disempowers us - it gives a feeling that all the doors are shut.   Empowerment comes from seeing possibilities, which opens up new and unique ways to receive help and support, and feel less afraid, isolated, and vulnerable.

Possibility thinking helps people find their sweet spot.

My teachings will help them to self-appraise each area of the top aging issues - the same ones we all face at some point.  When assessing the eight top concerns of aging well, the goal is to make the circle as round as possible. 

If your wheel is crooked you will logically feel lots of bumps in your life.  If you want to have a smooth and pleasant journey, you need to harmonize the circle by working hard on the weaker sectors.  Think about the actions you need to take in order to improve the quality of your life.

I teach participants to turn weaknesses to strengths and threats to opportunities

By using worksheets and milestone strategies to guide them, participants learn to drill down deep into the challenges they face. 

The self knowledge participants gain in the presentation, they are prepared to create the best of the rest of their lives. 

Call or email me now! To position YOUR Business to be the go to authority on aging well…

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