Stay Social through Social Distancing, the Snug Way


With all the information about COVID 19 coming in at rapid speed, it’s hard to keep up with it!  Even local and state governments have rules about social distancing and when a person can leave their homes! It’s maddening and confusing. But please trust it’s for our own good. Stay home and have fewer contact with people. Think: Less is better when living through this pandemic. 


This guide was created with you in mind... and brought to you by Snug, the daily check-in service for people living alone.  Snug is a simple app that checks in on you every day via your iPhone or Android.

Please stay safe and healthy.  I know we will get through this. 

About the Staying Social through Social Distancing Guide

It's loaded with research and useful information on the best ways to deal with social distancing. And Snug offers readers a digest of the latest information and know-how when living alone during a pandemic. 

Snug hopes it adds value for you in ways to stay healthy, administer self-care, remain  socially connected and engaged, remain fit, and find personal satisfaction during this trying time. You will also find online resources, and how to research your local city, state, and national websites for updates.


Now go wash your hands!

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